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Glo is an interactive Bible with a world of media, resources and tools - HD video and documentaries, high resolution images, zoomable maps, 360-degree virtual tours and much more - to help you get closer to the Word of God. The Bible comes to life through Glo, allowing you to experience and explore the biblical world in ways never before possible. And it's easy to use with Glo's unique browsing lenses.

Facts and Figures:
2,382 High Resolution Photos
7,500 Encyclopedia Articles
463 Virtual Reality Tours
3.5 Hours of HD Video
689 Works of Art
147 Maps

Grow closer to God - With Glo, it's as if your Bible is with you all the time, making God's Word your constant companion and your relationship with God more real.

Quickly find the answers you need - Glo provides a better, faster way to find what you need in the Bible through its multiple navigation lenses, including a topical lens and a "How do you feel?" tool that gives you instant inspiration for whatever your mood.

Your spiritual home base - Glo can customise a reading plan to meet your needs for today or the week. Glo is fluid and flexible and keeps track of everything you're reading; your study time is maximised and personalised.

Virtually limitless content - Glo has hours of audio, HD video, zoomable maps and hundreds of virtual tours so you can see places in the Bible as they look today, and with dozens of historically accurate animations, how it felt to be there then.

Glo stays current - Glo shows how relevant world events relate back to the Bible. It's always up-to-date, as content is being changed, updated and added all the time. Glo is a living, breathing resource that makes your reading relevant and meaningful.


Glo's unique zoomable interface provides simple, intuitive ways to visually browse or filter a world of biblical content through five main lenses. For example, you want to see what Jesus said on the subject of redemption during the Passion Week in Jerusalem. What would be an otherwise impossible search can be done quickly, visually and intuitively with Glo.


Bible -Within two clicks, find a chapter faster than a paper Bible. The Bible is easy to navigate and easy to read in a magazine format.

Timeline - View where events happened chronologically and in context with one another through a zoomable interface.

Atlas - Major stories and locations of the Bible appear geographically with a zoomable, Google-maps style interface along with map overlays, tours, photos and video.

Topical - Relevant verses for thousands of subjects are searchable by keyword and include commentary from leading authors, scholars and other experts.

Media - Browse a huge collection of HD video, virtual tours, articles, high-resolution photos, artwork, maps, historical animations. The video library includes the In His Shoes HD interactive documentary, that has stunning on-location footage and expert insight from Norman Geisler, Max Lucado, William P. Young, Dr. Joel Hunter and other scholars.


MyGlo is your personal lens into the world of Glo that houses all your notes, experiences, bookmarks, activities, journals, etc. It includes Bible reading plans that track your progress and help you set goals. You can also create your own customized plan. Because you participate, the Bible becomes truly yours. Glo is your light for living.