Luther - 2008 Dvd

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Rebel With A Causes not James Dean but he is one of the original rebels; See how Martin Luther defied the Catholic church and changed the religious landscape of his world!

Upon the unexpected death of one of his closest friends, Martin Luther was shaken and disturbed, asking himself 'Where will I spend eternity?' Later, coming home from a visit with his parents, he was caught in a violent thunderstorm. Fearful for his life, Martin cried out a promise that if God would save him, he would become a monk. He kept that promise, but continued his study of the Scriptures while in the monastery.

As he rose in power in the Catholic church, Luther became increasingly distraught with the selling of 'absolutions' and refused to grant them unless he saw true repentance. This and other discrepancies he exposed in the church caused no small uproar and Luther was declared an outlaw - meaning that anyone could take his life without fear of punishment and yet no one ever touched him...

Youll marvel at the authenticity of this production and the man who feared no one but God himself!

Joseph Fiennes stars in this powerful, epic true story about the brilliant priest and scholar who challenged corruption in the Church and ignited a continent-wide war.